To elevate sports as a developmental activity that shapes athletes into high-performance leaders.


A common phrase in the athletic world is, “sports builds character.” But, how do we ensure that character is cultivated in a positive and effective manner? Delta Developmental provides tailored programming effective in developing individuals through their chosen sport.

We recognize a crisis in the culture of athletics as we have yet to build curriculum that supports integrated development of athletes. Many athletes devote themselves to sports; but sports all too often fail to support athletes to reach their highest potential both on and off the field. The following challenges support this idea:

(1) There is a lack of recognition that psychological, emotional, ethical, and character development supports higher levels of performance in sports.

(2) In most sports there is a disconnect between the development of athletic talent and the cultivation of the whole-person at home and in their community.

(3) Athletics commonly reinforces an adolescent self-centered mindset. Sports' employment of basic reward and/or punishment results in many athletes focusing on their own personal needs, interests and desires.

Delta Developmental optimizes athletes' development, performance, and well being. Our work rests upon substantial research and application in business, military, government, and educational settings.


The DELTA Developmental framework is built upon a vast body of literature from the past few decades which explains how adulthood involves a series of developmental stages, each with increasing capabilities. DELTA Developmental integrates research on adult development and professional development to create a program supporting core competencies for athletes. We apply four stages of adult development to illustrate how athletes grow in various capacities which includes the Self-Sovereign Athlete, the Self-Sacrificing Athlete, the Mission-Driven Athlete, and the Self-Transforming Athlete.


The DELTA Developmental team tailors effective pillars of growth to your athletes, team and/or organization and co-facilitates their implementation with you. We provide ongoing support and utilize periodic assessments to measure your progress. These pillars, shaped to your unique demands, provide powerful training that, when combined with essential curriculum for athletes, support life-long optimal adult development required to thrive in today's world.


University of Denver Athletic Department
2014 to Present
Creating year round curriculum for all DU athletic coaches and staffs, as well as captains from all the teams. Monthly meetings with coaches and captains.

University of Denver Men's Lacrosse
2014 to 2016
Trevor Tierney created curriculum and oversaw flow dynamics training for DU's NCAA DI men's lacrosse team as they went on to win their first National Championship ever. 

University of Denver Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, and Men's Soccer
2015 to 2016
Creating custom year round curriculum for various DU teams. Weekly meetings with coaches and players.