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Author / Professor / Coach / Consultant

Cara Miller is an author, professor, coach, and consultant in the fields of leadership formation, organizational change, the psychology of adult development and learning. Cara received a MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary and a PhD from the University of San Diego. Dr. Miller is affiliated with Harvard University as an Instructor and Consultant in Harvard’s Programs in Professional Education. Cara is certified in diverse traditions of developmental psychology to coach senior leaders in many contexts (individuals, partnerships, teams, boards). She utilizes adaptive leadership theory to consult to organizations from diverse industries engaging in change efforts (military, higher education, finance, ministry, manufacturing). Dr. Miller has orchestrated the application of innovative organizational theory and methods to inform the architecture, governance, culture, leadership development, performance strategies, and review processes for organizations seeking alignment between their people strategy and their financial strategy. Cara is an insightful, compassionate, and steady coach; she is a lively, interactive, and fun facilitator, as well as a participatory, custom architect all of these roles informed by solid foundational theory, personal practice, and professional experience.