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FINAL -  LEAD Leadership Development Pro

How the Program Works

Our state-of-the-art Leadership Development methodology incorporates nine elements built on our DEI philosophy.
Our program uses the best practices to develop your teams' key skills.

Your team will benefit from our world-class facilitators who have years of experience facilitating corporate training and who have in-depth knowledge and expertise in leadership theory and techniques we teach and the deliberate practice (and complex skill instructional design) methodology we use.

Your team will benefit from world-class leadership coaches who are highly qualified experts in leadership theory and practice with years of experience teaching these skills.


Short tutorial videos and handouts make it easy for leaders to digest new concepts, tactics, and practices.

This is an individualized program specific to your company. Your team will have private Zoom sessions weekly to have an ongoing conversation and accountability with facilitators, coaches, and appropriate peer pressure from teammates.

We can telescope the curriculum and the delivery method from 6 months to 12 months to cover all skill sets that managers and leaders need to be effective in their roles. You can co-design your team's experience with our world-class leadership development curriculum designers.

The sequence of the workshop topics and the lessons in your customized learning portal are skillfully curated, modified, and sequenced to suit your exact needs and reflect what your team is already hungry for (and eager to learn). For groups of 10 or more, we can fully customize the curriculum, even creating new video tutorials, handouts, and tools on an as-needed basis.


You will have an unlimited use license to share the tools with your employees to make it easy for your leaders to institutionalize these high-leverage practices and tools across the organization (including people not directly participating in the training).

All program participants will retain access to your company's earning portal the training materials (tools, videos, handouts). Your organization will retain full access to the online learning portal for five years after the last live program concludes.


The LEAD Training is highly effective on its own. Team Coaching can be used to accelerate your organization's progress. One-on-One Executive Coaching complements the LEAD Training for individuals with high aspirations.


Through our weekly LEAD Group Online Classes, you gain access to Live (and recorded) action learning delivered in a blended model. You will learn from our experts and have opportunities to practice, learn, and participate in the group coaching sessions.


The training follows the "action learning" methodology optimized for adult learners who learn best "by doing" the new behaviors in their exact work context (rather than learning from a textbook or front-of-room presentation in a classroom setting).

Our program's management and leadership skillsets exponentially enhance your capability, productivity, creativity, problem-solving, and execution.

Unlike conventional seminar-based learning, our program is "practice-based." You'll be learning and using practical tools and techniques that help you get better at management and leading in your day-to-day and week-to-week activities.
It also uses a "blended delivery" model to blend multiple learning modalities into a single coherent experience.

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