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As Delta Developmental considered an open course, we realized the world didn’t need another leadership course delivered by individuals who don’t live in the trenches.

Leaders want and need curriculum designed by someone who knows what few leaders know. They desire someone who could help them achieve organizational breakthroughs. Someone who clearly understood what mattered most to execution and how to implement battle-tested principles in their environment. Leaders needed what the martial arts world calls a Shihan (a master-practitioner). Scott Zimmerman was the obvious answer.

We came to know Scott’s exceptional quality when we needed to supplement our executive coaches with a subject matter expert in navigating large-scale organizational change efforts. We saw how his discernments generated greater motivation for change and how his practical guidance supported clients in making wiser decisions and choosing more promising actions. Whatever questions clients would surface, Scott’s advice covered things seen and unseen, enabling client leaders to move with greater confidence and power. The breadth, depth, height, and sight he brought to every conversation have been unparalleled in our experience.

Learn more about Scott featured in the book World Unlocked.

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"Having been a CEO in six markets, I've had the pleasure to engage with very smart board members, investors, and CEOs. In those years, only a handful of CEOs have I assessed are a 10 out of 10 on thirteen attributes. Amongst those, Scott may be the most strategic and operationally minded CEO. His grasp of big picture through the details of execution while simultaneously tending to relationships and culture is simply amazing. Now, he's built a program to help CEOs better compete so they can deliver next-level results. I'm unaware of any program where l'd gain better practical insight on creating consistent success."

Edwin - CEO
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