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Free Call

On Ethics and Awakened Calling

Many of us suffer from scripted lives, transactional relationships, and dwindling dreams. To contact and become infused with your awakened calling is to re-vivify your life into its inherent worthiness. To experience your inherent worthiness allows you to see and support the inherent value and life-affirming potentials of the people and the world around you. 


Simply, saying yes to and participating with your awakened calling may be essential to actualizing an ethical life in a time between worlds.   


In this free call, we will invite you into a personal exploration of the purpose that you belong to. This call is for coaches and facilitators interested in learning new frames and skills to empower them to better support the development of the individuals, teams, organizations, and communities they work with in this time between worlds.


You will receive:

  • A framework that connects ethics to an individual’s awakened calling.

  • A set of inquiries to help you contact your awakened calling.

  • Strategies for building and shaping relationships around your awakened calling.


Additionally, you will also learn about our 10-week online training for coaches and facilitators called, Coaching in a Time Between Worlds.


Rob McNamara

Adult developmental and performance consultant / Group facilitator / Author / Professor

Rob McNamara is an author, advisor, and leadership coach with expertise in adult development and human performance. He is a co-founder of the advisory firm Delta Developmental. Rob serves on faculty at the Ivey School of Business' LIFT Advanced Coaching Program and is a former Harvard University Teaching Fellow. McNamara currently advises, trains, and coaches a broad range of initiatives for individuals, organizations, and governments navigating complex civilization-wide problems.

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Gabe Menegale Wilson

Author / Professor / Coach / Facilitator / Consultant

Gabe, founder of Developmental Design, is a leadership coach and organizational consultant, with a specialty in diversity and inclusion efforts. He is the co-author of Compassionate Conversations: How to Speak and Listen from the Heart. His work takes us to the intersection of social justice and purpose driven enterprises, design thinking, human psychology and group dynamics.

Gabe studied adult developmental psychology and leadership through Stanford’s Masters program in Policy, Organization, and Leadership Studies (POLS). He was a lecturer at Stanford University for the innovative program, Designing Your Life, where he taught undergraduate and graduate students the principles of design thinking as applied to personal and professional development. He is a certified Integral Facilitator and an associate at Delta Developmental, a leadership and organizational development consultancy. He is a practitioner of meditation in the Zen lineage at the Two Arrows Zen Center.

Free Call

May 10, 2021

8:00 am - 9:15 am (MST)

For questions & Inquiries contact:

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