The LEAD Model

Our DEI Proficiency philosophy is woven in and out of our model as a comprehensive skill set. It provides advising for leaders and coaching for implementation teams to ensure the necessary steps are taken to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in your organization. We provide guidance and support as you review institutional policies and practices in these four areas.

Organizational capacities are a direct reflection of leadership abilities. Here is a birds-eye view of three essential organizational capacities we refer to as Strategy & Stakeholder, Execution & Performance, and Culture & Teamwork.

Each of these three organizational capacities is either diminished or enhanced by leadership's competency in three skill sets (under each capacity). For a total of nine, these three skill sets can be measurably enhanced by deploying the right tools and techniques across the organization.

Here are the three organizational capacities and the correlated "leadership ability," along with the three organizational competencies (leadership "skill sets") associated with each.